Launch of the Parent to Child Communication Program

Implementation of CSE/ASRH Parent to Child Communication Program
Published on 16/09/2020
Kwaluseni Constitueny in the Manzini District and Lugongolweni Constiutency in the Lubombo Region, Eswatini

UNESCO in collaboration with the MoET will launch the UNESCO Parent Child Communication module, which will be used to train peer educators in three constituencies, in Kwaluseni which is in the Manzini region and Lugongolweni in Lubombo region.

The Ministry of Education and Training in collaboration with UNESCO and Khulisa Umntfwana Organization will be implementing a comprehensive programme that aims at facilitating fruitful conversations and empowering parents on accurate, age appropriate and cultural sensitive LSE and provision of the ASRH services for young people in health Facilities. This will be trough the UNESCO program referred to as Our Talks; Facilitating Parent-Child Communication on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. This training is aimed at equipping parents with skills to communicate with their children in LSE programing. Parent engagement is one of the first building blocks necessary for successful implementation of LSE. It creates a supportive and enabling environment, encompasses positive cultural norms, attitudes and values, and supportive links between schools, traditional leaders and the community, as well as, family support.